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The Belize Project

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It is Time Now for the beginnings of the creation of a Sustainable EcoVillage Community in Belize that could be formed around the core preserve area of an Endangered Species Sanctuary for the Black Faced Howler Monkeys that will be well over a Thousand Acres in the heart of Central America.

Up until this time people have thought that the animals need to be kept deeply separated from the people. But this is not necessarily so with the Howler Monkeys in Belize who have proven to be able to live quite nicely around their human neighbors.

We intend to integrate our self into the forest ecosystem in such a way as will protect the natural habitats of the animals and the plants and the people. And so we begin this restorative project in honor of All Native Peoples who love the Howlers throughout the Americas.

We will begin by setting all the Homesteads out around the Core Preserve which will be located right in the very Heart of this uniquely rich watershed which is to be protected forever as a Sanctuary for the Black Faced Howler Monkeys.

Protective Homesteads

Around that we will lay out about as many full sized Homesteads as we can all in a circle around the Core Preserve. These will fill up starting from the far end first. Each Homestead will be a deep 49 acres plus in size of wildly forested lands with lots of water. Each homestead will actually be about 656 feet wide and 3,280 feet deep and there will be over 50 homesteads.

That is just to protect the land and to create a buffer zone around the One Thousand acre Core Preserve, and some of the surrounding areas of the larger Proposed Howler Monkey Preserve, which does extend up and around and down into the north bottoms which is prime howler habitat as shown on the maps. All that land is to be protected and used only with minimal impact.

The larger preserve area that includes the homestead and the Core Preserve in the middle will be 7.7 kilometers long and 5.2 kilometers wide, which is the equivalent of about 4.78 miles by 3.23 miles. That will contain just about exactly 9,884 acres.

That is defined as starting at Truth Point that is marked as 663 on the topographical map, which is a high point of elevation that is 663 meters high, and that is the southern most point of the larger preserve area, which is over 15 square miles. From there we just follow the basic 30 degree and 60 degree lines exactly to get the parameters of the larger protected Howler Monkey Preserve area.

There will be a road that goes around the Core Preserve so that each 49 acre Homestead will have access to their 5 acre Home Zones, which will be facing right down into the Core Preserve, which will be right across that Old Mountain Road. Everything else is still in the planning stages.

We may be of some real service to the Earth as the first real demonstration of a truly Sustainable way of life in EcoVillage Community which could show the way towards a Sustainable Future in Belize and that could spread throughout Central America and around the world.

We will become a demonstration of renewable on site energies and low impact ecological life systems and natural housing and integrated EcoVillage design with a great deal of care about always minimizing our Eco-Logical Footprints and being of service to the community.

Multi-Cultural Diversity

The People of Belize come from a fairly wide diversity of racial and ethnic groupings all speaking many different languages. The weather is unusually nice. The growing season is long. The Preserve Site is in a secluded valley deep within the heart of Belize.

The Homesteads can be shared. The homesteads are all to be protected so we are not going to be so much the owners as the stewards of the land and good caretakers of the Earth and especially all those areas along the River which is the Preferred Habitat and which will be set aside for the Howlers to enjoy.

Indigenous Integration

The Belize Project is to become a living demonstration of how sustainable living in community can and should work anywhere in the world.

There are very few examples of people living in balance with the plants and the animals in the natural world as we will be demonstrating in Belize by creating this full sized Eco-Village Community which can also act as a refuge for endangered species and habitat preservation.

The Howler Monkey

The Howler Monkey is a threatened if not endangered species that is indigenous to the Yucatan Peninsula of which Belize is just the very best place to save some of their best habitat due to the fact that most of the forests are still in very good shape and the people of Belize have already taken sides on this issue.

They have chosen to support the protection of these beautiful monkeys that live here in the Americas and no where else in the world and they realize how important the protection of the natural forest habitat is for that reason.

The Howlers long term safety and security is now becoming more and more limited in other parts of Central America.

The Howler Monkey is endangered by logging and farming and hunting and habitat destruction almost everywhere else except in the tiny nation of Belize where the Howlers are going to be given some real protection right where they are living right now.

Endangered Species

Belize still has most of its forests intact and the last remaining populations of these endangered primates have managed to stay alive all this time due only to the fact that Belize has not yet been completely ravaged.

The Howler Monkeys do not have a problem living in close proximity with people as long as enough of their habitat is left intact which is mainly to leave all the trees along the rivers of Belize untouched.

The howlers like the lowlands along the rivers and they are not going to head for higher ground like you might expect with some other animals who usually will head for higher ground. 

That is why they are in a dangerous competition with humans for land and resources. And who do you think is going to win? That is a game they can only lose.

That is why they must be protected now because most people tend to use up the lowlands and the river side areas first and then they leave the mountains for later, but that could be too late to start thinking about setting aside some high mountain lands for the Howlers.

To Change the World

In simple and peaceful ways like this we can all help to change the world one step at a time. But first we must step forth and volunteer to become the change we want to see in the world and to stop expecting miracles.

We all must become willing to do more than just our own fair share in making this work for the Howlers and for the people.

You can see that we have a mission in Belize that is more than worthy of our deepest collective consideration and it all awaits the arrival of those who really are true to the Rainbow Vision of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace.

But remember that a community is about creating a series of interconnected relationships and that has to be made up of real relationships and that is not like the usual kind of anonymous disregard you normally would expect to find here on the web.

We must always try to learn from the natural world where everything flows just a little bit at a time with a long series of exchanges of resources and nutrients and the contributions of the many who truly care, just to make it possible for a new life come into this world.


We will all have to work very closely together on this in cooperation and collaboration with the others as it should be among true friends and Kindred Spirits.

To begin this journey to Belize what people need to do is to join our expansive email group where we have assembled well over 100 members in respectful gratitude for all that we have been given and taken from the Earth. But there is no reason that there shouldn't be a thousand more out there who are looking to connect up with this beautiful vision.

We need to meet face to face in person before we can make any promises and we do need to make plans to look at the maps together and talk about what the ground realities are here with this project and in Belize.

In this way we can begin to integrate into a committed group of people we can depend upon for life. Gathers will be announced in the email group. Meetings with special people can always be set up.

The Real People

Those who commit will then become part of the unofficial core group of the Real People behind this emerging vision that is made up of the most deeply committed members who can be counted on to support this project in every way and who therefore would be welcome to stay.

We welcome all good people who can be counted on to keep their word and that are willing to listen and learn in a cooperative manner which does involve accepting a little bit of guidance and direction instead of direct competition.

Then we can move more and more in the direction of two thirds consensus decision making as we move forward with the Emerging Vision of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace in Belize that only works by everybody making a long series of positive contributions right from the start.

To Join our Group

This is just the beginning of everything else that will all be done for the greater good and in accordance with all Eco-Logical considerations, as you would expect from those who would gather among the real Warriors of the Rainbow who must learn to put actions before words.

Everything is still in the planning stages and will be for some time to come until it is time for the first bunch of folks to move onto the land in respectful consideration for all the plants and animals who already live there now.

That is why we must tread lightly as we enter into Belize and to treat everyone with respect and that all starts right here upon admission to our group which is the first step. Those who do make it into our group will be given many gifts.

We do have a copy of the Belize Journal as well for those who have friends who will not use the web.

That is something you can use to share this project with your friends which is a good idea as each one of us must reach out to the others and those who we choose to reach out to may become our neighbors in this in community.

Many Blessings to all who are True to the Vision and who will Keep the Faith as we progress, no matter what. Why not bring us your best and forget the rest? There are already enough people out there saying that we just could never do this.

We always do good things for good people that we know are doing good work. But we cannot do anything without your help.

Please take this time to use the donation button below to make a small donation of about thirty five dollars.

In return we will send you the latest copy of The Belize Journal and we will extend our thanks to you in our email group for your kind and generous support.

Everything else is still in the planning stages. But if one thing builds upon another, and we each bring one of them, then we can expect good things to happen for all good people.

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