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The Emerging Vision

Because it Takes a Whole Village


The Visionary Experience

We are going to have to become a people with a vision to do more and with a desire to go all out towards the fulfillment of that vision even if it means we have to change the way we do things.

We need to start putting the community first and our own self last and that starts right here among those of us who are willing to work within the process and who are willing to support the project without expecting too much back.

We do need to hear from everybody who does have some truly positive input to make but we also do need some real supporters who will come through for us in a very big way so we can begin to form the unofficial core group of fully committed members and that is to be shown in action.

We do like to do good things for good people. But we can only do that with your continuing help. Everything has to be offered up in the spirit of loving kindness and it all works through collaboration and companionship not by using the power of numbers to gain power over Truth.

Later when the commitments have been made and the papers have been signed and the process gets refined we will find that we really do have more than enough and some to share with all of the many people who will then be coming to us from around the world in greater numbers.

If we build it they will come. Until that time we will have to work very closely with what little we actually do have to work with and no one will be welcomed to disturb the general flow of the living continuity of the unfolding vision of the Belize Project which can only be received in grace and in recognition of real things done. But now I think it might be time to hear what some others are saying in our email group:

Ember Sky writes in:

About ten years ago I prayed to the gods to save all the little ones from hell. I totally left my body and rose upon a beam of light. There before me was a bearded man in a black cloak. He overshadowed me, but then the light shone right through him. He looked like a Jewish or Orthodox rabbi.

Then he disappeared. There was then before me a radiant being in the sun. It appeared as either a man or woman in white robes, shrouded in flames. Then I returned to my body. I left my body again to see a woman dressed in blue cloths like Mary, then a girl who appeared to be an angel. Less than one week later I had another vision of a Dragon. It was a colorful dragon.

My father said I was a gifted sorcerer. He told me the prophecies of Oaxaca. Then my pastor at church told me I was a snake in the grass, and the work of the devil. I spent the next five years cursing the church and god. I kept having visions and now I hear spirits. The spirits have been diagnosed as schizophrenia.

The spirits have told me the names of things. I began researching on the net the things the spirits told me. They proved to be Christian pilgrimage sites and the names of saints. I found out that middle eastern religions had radiant beings on beams of light in the sun. The beam of light was shaped like a pyramid. I was brought back to Egypt and Babylon.

The spirits who talked to me told me to go on a pilgrimage to the source of the river of life. I am hoping to do this pilgrimage, but I don't know where to begin,to find the true path, to the source of river of life. I am trying to get a hold of some real mystics or prophets for guidance. Some people told me what I saw was Yesuha and Shekina.

I keep running into freemasonry pages and books. I have found mason's reprints of rare books. I keep running into books on Golden Dawn. Do Golden Dawn have authentic works on Solomon's sorcery? Other works I have been studying are the old testament and the dead sea scrolls. I have been reading the Nag Hammadi Library.

I have read in the last year: The Kebra Nagast, The Book of Enoch the Prophet, The Zend Avesta, The Gathas of Zarathushtra, the Bhagavad-Gita, The Essential Kabbalah, The Way of a Pilgrim, The Rastafari Ible, Mahayana Buddhism, The Great Libereation, The Dhammapada, The Yoga Sutras, the Mahabharata, The Upanisahds, The Vedas, The Ramayana, Vedanta, Rumi, Koran, The Talmud, Tao Te Ching, and others.

I am trying to work out transcendental phenomenology in western philosophy. I am hoping to get my bachelor's in Bio-systems Engineering. Any advice on pilgrimages to the river of life? - Ember Sky

From Ancient Times

Nothing is ever just an accident. Belize has a magic that is all its own. Everything happens in its own unique way in its own unique time and every place has a spirit that is of that place that will attract the people in all different ways who are to be returned to that place where they are to meet up with all their dearest and deepest friends from ancient times. It's all related to everything else. Nothing in this Universe ever escapes notice.

One little thing that is so often overlooked is that in actuality everything connects up in a very familiar way and only when the time and the place is right for that and all the other conditions are met some of which we do not even have names for yet since nothing is yet to be known except that everything is unknown for a very good reason not the least of which is the fact that all information is devoid of meaning in itself so let us not upset that elegant balance of absolute unknowningness which only helps to remind us that we are not in charge of the universe.

If we do wish to approach a deeper understanding and to really earn our places within it, then let it be for the purpose of being able to make a strong contribution towards the greater good.

All kinds of good folks will be supporting this project as individuals, couples, families, and extended family tribes and other forms of collective mutual support and self reliance and these things also only link up in very meaningful ways only that may have been known by the Mayans but now that may have to be relearned all over again. Community is about Relationship.

We will always try to welcome all our many new friends who have been trickling in like this in their searches for the River of Life and even those who may have been badly judged by others in this world and even those who have been discarded by those who know nothing we may even have the chance to make a real place for some of these alternative minded people who come to us in truth.

We must welcome all those who come with a deep resonance with this vision which has room for a wide diversity of unique thoughts and unusual interests, for this whole new plan to Save the Earth is just one of the most ancient new ways to the River of Life.

The Homesteads

What we are going to do here is to return to the forests as extended friends and families living all around the outside of the Old Mountain Road around the Core Preserve on the various 49.42 acre homesteads which will extend back very deeply up into the mountains all around us. Some might even be shared by a group of friends or an extended family which will make it a lot easier for everyone to be able to do their small part of each Homestead commitment.

The Contribution Pledge is to put in two hundred dollars an acre in recognition of our part in the community for each 49 acre Homestead. That amounts to only $9,884. so why complain about the pouring rain when you can find nothing like this anywhere in the overly developed and heavily damaged parts of the world. That is only two hundred dollars an acre.

The land stewards job is to protect all that land and then in return for that very real contribution they will get to live on those 49 acres for life which they will then be able to leave to their own children or other significant person who has the approval of council for the next generations to share.

The reason for the approval of council is that we cannot allow anyone to subdivide up any of the homesteads or to sell them in any way so that person does need to be really close member of the household and a real contributing member of this community.

All supportive members who stand on two legs might be expected to be glad to kick in something like $20. a month just for road upkeep and general maintenance fees because we will need some form of ongoing monetary support as well just so that the community might continue to operate on a worldwide level.

We may want to have some kind of a limit of maybe 12 people per homestead just to maintain some sense of a sustainable population base and so things don't get out of hand with plenty of room for forests and wildlife habitat instead of replacing all of that with human habitation and a built up artificial environment.

That is just for the Earth and to protect the Spirit of the Land and to ensure the high quality of life for many generations to come.

Every time they spend another Million dollars on some one way pay off scheme to buy public opinion for political reasons, or general capitulation for no reason whatsoever, it should be understood that another entire Forest ecosystem somewhere far away you can be sure, will have had to go down along with the cultures and languages and the ancient knowledge of medicinal plants of the native peoples, who may have once lived there, and all the other species who made that their home.

These are the people who will be paying the price for all that generosity. How can that be? Easy. When you give away things you do not own that always comes back to bite you.

We don't own the Earth. We don't own the Web of Life.

We were taught that we should be the ones who own it all since we were the first to stand up on two legs and so when we give some of that forest habitat away which is what happens when you cut it all down, that is seen as being very generous on our parts to give that away to some starving people somewhere else. But that is not the way the native peoples here and throughout the Americas have always seen things which was much more human scale and connected with forests that you know must come first.

In a real community when one of the members stops coming around the people go looking for that person to see what happened.

Those forests are not for us to give away. Those are only there for us to take care of because a lot of really good plants and animals and people already live there. Good things to give away are things that we made with our own hands which is going to be a whole new idea for some folks. Most of what is called money now represents most very bad things and the very worst of humanity is now trapped up in it.

We are all implicated in that. How can we get out? We can donate our money to a good cause that is about long term solutions and not just a short term fix. It might not be such a good idea to feed any more energy into the unsustainable economies of world politics.

This one little bit of money we do ask for here actually will go towards something very real as you might expect since we do know where to draw the lines and that is really not too much to expect. But that is just to fund the beginnings of the project and that does include the Core Preserve which is a hugely immense thing in itself of well over a Thousand Acres but that will help us out a lot just to get us started.

Working together as a community like this is what allows us to transform the power that money has held over us into a power that can set us free.

The Pledge

If you divide that Contribution Pledge 12 ways you would each have to come up with less than a thousand dollars a piece and that should not be too heavy of a burden for any one to bear which is only right because we do have the vision and we do have the resources and we do like to think that we have a lot to give.

We will all be serving the Earth and all Her Children in many ways if only to serve as an example of what sustainable development really should look like throughout the Americas and all around the world.

What we are doing is putting all this land into protection under responsible stewardship. No part of this project is ever to be put back on the market for sale no matter who thinks they own something when it is the Earth who owns all this land. But you do have to really intend to live there for the rest of your life or at least a very long time as this is not at all about property ownership but is only about real community involvement so there is no buying and selling of any of the Homesteads ever.

It is all going to be held as one land under the control of the one main governing council of the Land Stewards of this community which will work by a very participatory two thirds consensus process, just so we don't have to capitulate to every single store bought opinion someone got from Jim Jones just to move on with the program which is beyond Jonestown and even Beyond Paradise.

The appreciation of nature is always all about finding unity in diversity. We would not even have the very simple beginnings of a quite spectacular new email group and extensive website if that was not all true. We do all of this only with your generous support.

Life extends out in all directions, beyond the human race, and beyond paradise, with this unique understanding of the Diversity of Oneness, to survive and to grow, despite the man-made pressures we have been subjected to should be respected.


Diversity is about a balance in nature, whether we talk about a forest or an emerging new society. Re-Grounding and Re-Cognizing and Celebrating Diversity and other things at certain times of the year is about more than just caving in to social pressures to conform to the media driven norms or to cave in to the will of the thoughtless majority which could well lead to our collective downfall if we cannot turn the day of our disengagement into a great day of celebration.

The True Spirit of this project is about valuing a person's real contributions to this community as well as their actually positive roles in the greater ecology of love and life on Earth as supporters and defenders of that Life which we all share a part in. But you have to earn it before you can burn it.

That is why it may be time now for an about face reversal of the revolution that never was and to begin to recreate a new system of ethics that are based more on Eco-Logical Integrity and the natural order of priorities, and less on these imaginary perceptions of need and greed.

We need to stop feeding the fires of resentment and revenge which have been almost entirely political up until this point and that means we have been manipulated and deceived and controlled and exploited by the backwards power of numbers for way too long now in this day when you can buy public opinion for a small price.

These media supported ethics of self deception are what we must disengage from.

Now might be a good time to disengage from some of these unnatural entanglements which we can no longer afford to keep trying to integrate into any workable ecosystem.

That's why this Project has been created, to create a place for the future and to further the interests of Ecological Restoration.

Collective Magic

It is time now to set our collectively magical bad self free just a little bit and to go a little bit wild like the land in Belize just so that we can learn how to Save the Earth from the inside out, instead of doing everything brain dead backwards just like they told us and which has been reinforced by the media. But that is how they have kept us all carefully corralled in darkness up to this point.

That is why we do have to ask for a little cooperation and support in advance from the true believers with vision first and then from the blind followers later.

That is why we do have to ask everyone in this group to kick in a small donation at this time of the great changing of the cycles, which had been carefully accounted for by the Mayans, up until the year of 2012, when the world was supposed to end again like it did last time around when the Pleiades reaches its highest point of that year.

But we might all choose to see that as being merely a new beginning of the end for dominator culture and not an end at all for us, but as a new beginning for Freedom through Ecological Integrity.

What we need now is just something about like thirty five dollars just so that we will have some minimal funding to begin to work with. Most of the major funding will come straight from the Homesteaders who really will be getting something more than just ethical satisfaction from that and that too we believe is more in keeping with the Spirit of the Vision. You only get back what you have already given.

This is the kind of support that is part of this groups natural Ecology of the exchange of energies and resources that are physical and human and that has to do with foods and Women and Children and a livelihood and a place on the Land and a source for Fresh Water, Mountains, Fresh Air, Birds, Howlers, Trees and Sunshine.

There may come a time when all such things will not have been taken care of well enough for anybody to share in if we do not begin to make a last change in the way we do things. All contributions will be rewarded with a free issue of the Belize Journal just as our way of saying Thanks! We Love You. - T

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