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The Ancient Prophecies

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Native American Prophecies

There are many ancient prophecies among various native tribes right here in the Americas that one day because of need and greed there will come a time when the forests will be ravaged and the Earth will be plundered and the fish will begin to die and the birds will become scarce and the Hurricanes and Tornadoes will become much more destructive and the Tsunamis will hit and the Typhoons will rage.

The Volcanoes will disrupt and the Calderas will open up and atmosphere will be shot and the Forests will burn and the cities will be swamped and the over-populations will be exploding into genocide and there will be war and devastation over the Earths last remaining resources and that is when the Earthquakes will begin to shake us all the way back down to the basics once again because of mans insensitivity to the needs of the Earth and the importance of Living in Balance on the Earth as a part of the Earth in Peace and abundance.

There will come a time it is said, when the Keepers of the Ancient Myths and the Future Legends and all the ancient wisdom of the tribal peoples will be needed to show the people how to live in harmony with the Earth to restore the Earth back to its normal health. These people who will be the key to the survival of the entire web of life will need to step forwards now to Save the Earth and all her children.

We are just some of those people. A new Tribe must now come together to do some of this most important work for the good of The Earth and all future peoples.

These visionaries and seed planters and vision carriers will be called the Warriors of the Rainbow who will come back together again from all around the world to join together in peace and collaboration towards the Healing and the Restoration of the Earth.

Then there will come a day of awakening when all the peoples of all the tribes will come together around a new vision of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace in the spirit of collaboration and companionship.

These Warriors of the Rainbow will teach the peoples of the Earth how to live in harmony with the Earth and all Her Children.

Warriors of the Rainbow

The Warriors of the Rainbow will show the peoples of the world that this Earth has a greater depth of meaning and there is a deeper significance to everything we do that needs to be respected and understood. They will teach them how to make the Earth beautiful again where every good thing has a place in the natural order of things.

These Warriors will try to help all those who really do want to learn the principles of right way of life that will make their path right with the world. These principles could include environmental justice for native peoples who really have had no real choice in some of these matters but to watch the forests go down and head for town.

The Warriors of the Rainbow will teach the people how to live in self reliance and with more than enough and some to share with all the peoples of the world. Like the Ancient Tribes they will teach the people to remain faithful to the magic of the Earth and in solidarity to the vision and to live with loving kindness that flows like the beautiful mountain streams back to the oceans of life from which it all once came.

They will be able to share in the joy of celebrations and tribal councils. They will try to learn to accept all good people as brothers and sisters regardless of race or color or religion. They will become as one with the Earth and All Her Children and they will become the beginnings of a global network of EcoVillage Communities around the world which will be known as the Emerald Forest. We truly are to become the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest.

The Spirit of the Earth

The Hearts and Minds of the people will be purified to radiate warmth, understanding and respect for all humankind, nature, and how to walk in peace within the Spirit of the Earth.

They will once again fill their minds, hearts, souls, and bodies with the healing energies that come from eating pure clean and fresh organic foods and living a natural way of life in peace and harmony with their brothers and sisters and the Earth Mother.

They will always try to extend the web of life wherever they go and scatter seeds as they walk along the way. They will seek the beauty of the joining together in the Community Spirit that we all must learn to follow to find a deeper Truth.

They will find a fuller sense of meaning and personal satisfaction in the fulfillment of World Service and in support of the unifying vision of an Earth Restored and a World at Peace.

The children will once again be able to run free and enjoy the pleasures of the natural world and to experience the joys of being free from the coercive controls of dominator culture.

We will be free from the fears of the global environmental crises wrought by the forces of need and greed and the rivers will once again run clear and the forests will become abundantly rich and beautiful and the animal and plant worlds will be replenished and all life will become revitalized and purified.

Native peoples will again be respected and protection of all that is beautiful and good will become an integral part of a natural way of life.

The Emerald Forest

The ways of the people will once again return back to living within the normal respect for the voices of all those who have been kept quiet for so long now but we will each once again be allowed to speak in accordance with the honor system among those whose words do seem to ring true most of the time and those whose beliefs very often do go over into positive action for the good of all.

Those who have demonstrated their love and commitment and those who have shown that they are willing to take their rightful places within the natural orders and progressions will once again be allowed to speak up for the Forests and the Wildlife and the native peoples and all of the entire web of life.

These Warriors of the Rainbow will be naturally self selected by their own very real qualities and actions in the service of the Earth and in the creation of a whole Network of EcoVillage Communities that will start here in the Americas and spread around the world that will each be like a Tree that will work in voluntary collaboration and mutual support with all the other Trees in ways that will restore the Earth and that will grow to become the Emerald Forest.

That will be supported by the Kindred Spirits who will all work together autonomously through self reliance and self-sustainability and using voluntary cooperation.

They will make a way clear for all who would seek refuge and a chance to live regardless of economic limitations for the good of the Earth and for the restoration of the entire Web of Life back to a healthier state.

Positive Action

The Tasks of these Warriors of the Rainbow are many and great. There will be terrifying levels of ignorance and a great deal of adversity will need to be overcome and they will find many obstacles standing in their way at every turn and there will be those who will fight for domination and control and to subvert the process through the power of numbers and the swaying of opinions by appealing to the last and the least.

To prepare for these difficult times ahead these Warriors of the Rainbow must become dedicated and unwavering in their strength of heart and the dedication of spirit to support the common cause which must be held high.

There will be many pitfalls and problem people and all that must now be overcome. But if we do stand in Solidarity and work in Eco-Logical cooperation we will find many willing hearts and good minds that will follow us on this road and who will join us on our journey towards the complete restoration of the natural world and Peace on Earth will once more prevail and we will share the Gift of Life in grace and loving kindness.

We must now begin to reach out to the others who must be brought back into the spirit of the Sustainable Community way of life and back into the spirit of the natural ways of life that were known to the all the tribal peoples from all over the World.

Our focus will be on Positive Action for the good of all life on Earth. We are of the Pleiades born and will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow and we are the Kindred Spirits of the Emerald Forest and our purpose is only the complete redemption of all that was good that has ever lived. T

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